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If you are interested in the tour organised by Tofu Palace, here are some directions on how to find it. Exit the main building of Pristine Lotus Resort (where the reception is), turn right and follow the main road towards the village. On the way you will see two small stupas on the left side. They are quite nice and worth checking out, especially the first one. After the second stupa, continue walking until you find on the left side a signpost with the directions on how to find "Tofu Palace". After the signpost you basically just need to turn left and follow a small street until you find the Tofu Palace hut.   

If you prefer to avoid street food, you can try the local yellow tofu at the restaurant of Pristine Lotus Resort as well.

Yellow tofu Myanmar

Khaung Daing


Khaung Daing is a nice little village on the shores of Inle Lake. Pristine Lotus Resort is a bit expensive but can be a good option for relaxing after the trek from Kalaw. Their pools with thermal waters are very nice but you don't necessarily have to stay at this resort to enjoy the thermal watersof Khaung Daing. You also have the option to go to Khaung Daing Hot Springs, which are open to the public​ and can be visited for a fee. 

The best vegan attraction in Khaung Daing is the locally-produced yellow tofu, made of fermented yellow split peas.

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