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Cai Be to Chau Doc

There are different types of Mekong Delta cruises you can choose from. The itinerary from Cai Be to Chau Doc is convenient if you're heading towards Cambodia because international speed boats to Phnom Penh depart every morning from Chau Doc.

You also have the choice between private sampan cruises and bigger boats. The private experience can be slightly more expensive and the boat slightly more basic, but the big advantage is that small sampans may have more interesting itineraries because they can cruise into smaller arms of the Mekong. 

After considering all the different options, we chose the private Song Xanh Sampan from the company Victoria Cruises. The boat was very small but extremely well equipped with a lounge area, a bathroom (with shower and hot water), a bedroom and a breakfast area. There were four staff on the boat with us and they took our privacy very seriously. Whenever we were in the lounge area they would go to the breakfast area and vice versa. 

We did the three-day, two-night cruise and I think that was a good duration. Longer than that can become too much, especially if you easily become sea-sick like me 😅

The cook was fantastic and prepared great vegan meals for us. Everyday he was going to local markets to buy fresh ingredients and customize the menu based on our preferences. 

And the reality is much better than the picture 😉 

In Chau Doc we spent most of our time in the Nui Sam hill and we were very happy about our meals at the restaurant of Victoria Nui Sam hotel. It has an extensive vegetarian secion and food is very good. However, the best part is the view on the rice paddies from the restaurant. It is alone worth the trip.

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