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Savusavu: between the forest and the sea

Time to visit Fiji's second biggest island, Vanua Levu.

The town of Savusavu, on the southern coast, is famous for its wonderful corals and lush vegetation. Here the pace of life is slow, people are friendly and nature absolutely beautiful.

Despite a temperature of 30 °C and a humidity level above 90%, we decided to climb up a hill to see the panoramic view.

Shortly after we entered the forest, we were welcomed by a group of giant mosquitoes, a species we had never seen on Viti Levu. Nature is clearly wilder here!

All around us everything was bright green.

Wild chili plants grow naturally on the island.

Walking in the hot season is challenging, but our efforts were well rewarded. What a wonderful view!

The town of Savusavu has a picturesque port with a few restaurants and cafes. The town is small, but yet there are sufficient options, from Indian to Chinese and Korean. Most places had interesting and cheap veg options.

We stayed at Daku Resort, at a walking distance from town.

Our favourite part was the view from the yoga patio, beautiful in all light conditions.

This is how it looks at sunset.

And this is the view when the sun is shining.

In Savusavu there's a beautiful variety of hanging red hibiscus.

Most visitors come to Savusavu for its world-class snorkeling and diving, though. The bay is known for its soft corals and its vibrant marine life.

Ready to check it out!

Cousteau Resort was a great basis for snorkeling and diving. Just off their beach we saw different types of fish, such as parrot fish or sea lion.

Unfortunately their corals have been damaged by cyclone Winston, in 2016.

Their dive centre was very professional. We really enjoyed the snorkeling at the lighthouse. We saw plenty of corals, turtles and fish, such as rays, sharks and triggerfish.

The resort is also a 15-minute walk from another famous snorkeling site, the Split Rock. Different types of marine creatures pass by during the day. We were lucky enough to find squids.

After seeing this amazing marine life, I really regretted not having an underwater camera.

But I have to admit something. The main reason why we kept coming back to Cousteau Resort was their wonderful coconut crush mocktail.

The fresh coconut milk combined with pineapple was absolutely fantastic!

Nothing else to add. We loved Savusavu.

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